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Professional Tree Services


Professional Tree Services

After going through the expense of having trees removed from your property, why leave unsightly tree stumps in their place?


Once the stump is removed, we can finish the surface to the customers requirements. i.e. top-soil, turf etc.

Grinding those stumps down below the surface of the topsoil allows for effective repair replanting of the area.


Stump grinding is much less expensive than stump removal and it eliminates the disturbance of the surrounding lawn area.  The mulch created by the grinding process can even be recycled by using it on your flower beds to control weeds and maintain soil moisture.  


Treatment of tree stumps can also be carried out to stop regrowth if stump grinding is not required.

Stump Grinding
Professional Tree Services
Professional Tree Services

Our dedicated team provide experienced and skilled installation of a comprehensive range of timber and metal fencing and gates. We provide this alongside our tree surgery services to complete the effect.


Old fencing is removed and stumps are ground out ready for the new fencing to be fitted, all rubbish is removed from site where required.


Timber Fencing

  • Close board Fencing (also known as Feather Edge)

  • Panelled Fencing

  • Concrete Post and Gravel Board

  • Knee Rail


Agricultural and Environmental Fencing

  • Post and Rail Fencing

  • Post and Wire Fencing

  • Equestrian Fencing

  • Badger Fencing

  • Wire Netting


Metal Fencing and Gates

  • Sport and recreation fencing

  • School Fencing

  • Custom made gates

  • Pallisade Fencing

  • Metal Railings

  • Welded Mesh Fencing

  • Chainlink Fencing










Professional Tree Services

Planting : We are very keen to help with any conservation projects, we carry out planting of various trees and shrubs for the local councils, to enhance our local community areas.


Airspade :Our Airspade is frequently requested for use in areas demanding a very special approach to soil decompactation and removal of services.  The Airspade is a remarkable and effective tool.  It fires a stream of pressurised air into the soil at 1500 mph, the air jet displaces soil without damaging the roots or services.  This has been used for Conservation of large old trees to help replace compacted soil around the roots to help healthy growth.  We can expose roots without damage, so that they can be located and inspected for decay or bypassed by services. 


Our team are fully trained to operate the Airspade for any removal or reinstatement of excavated areas.


We have completed several projects to lay Breedon Gravel footpaths and other types of stone paths, in Nature Reserves and Churches.


From the construction of allotments to land clearance and even creating car parking areas we provide a comprehensive service. 


  • New Build Developments

  • Commercial & Public Sector Properties

  • Private Contracts

  • Turfing

  • Shrub Planting

  • Semi-mature tree planting

  • Large planters and containers

  • Gravel and stone pathways










Professional Tree Services
Professional Tree Services

As multi-skilled tree surgeons we cover all aspects of tree work, both domestic and commercial. Our team are fully qualified ensuring that all tree work, no matter the height or surrounding barriers, is carried out in line with strict health and safety guidelines. We work with local councils to acquire TPO consents when required taking full management of the job from start to finish. We operate respectfully alongside wildlife ensuring minimum disruption to their habitats. Whether there is potential for structural damage or you simply want more light into your home, we can provide you with a wealth of advice.

  • Crown reduction & reshaping

  • Pollarding

  • Removal of deadwood

  • Hedge work

  • Reinstatement

  • Pruning

Tree Workl
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